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water quality monitor

Water quality monitor

Digital aquaculture tech is the key to high-density and high-yield aquaculture. KWS series water quality monitor products can be easily used in both marine and freshwater aquaculture applications. KWS series products can accurately measure water temperature, PH DTS, dissolved oxygen, dissolved carbon dioxide, chlorophyll , blue-green algae, oil in water, and so on,also 6 of the 9 parameters can be integerated in one monitor. the data can be used to predict the risk of changes in time, minimize the losses and maximize your profits.

Sewage water treatment

Urban Sewage Treatment is an important guarantee of urban water resources. The treatment of sewage by Sewage Treatment and the discharge after treatment are directly related to the health of urban water circulation system. The 600 series products can be used to monitor the water quality of each link in the process of urban anhydrous treatment, whether it can meet the requirements of the next link, and can help managers adjust reagents and workflow parameters in time and effectively.

water system monitor
water system monitor

Surface water system monitor

The quality of surface water is a major indicator of regional environmental quality, and also a source data reference for environmental management departments to do regional environmental monitoring and pollution investigation. Through regional grid surface water monitoring, can effectively environmental water quality, put forward a reasonable goal, and the first time to achieve the goal. KWS series water quality sensor can cooperate with KWM 300 instrument to realize the effective monitoring of surface water PH value, dissolved oxygen, ammonia nitrogen, chlorophyll, etc. , provide preliminary data for reference.

Water pollution source monitoring

For key pollutant emission units and regional pollution sources, KACISE 600 series automatic on-line pollution source monitoring sensor can realize real-time on-line monitoring, set national emission standards, exceed limit alarm, support third party attack remote checksum check. Be able to give legally valid test results.

Sewage plant

Our products include ultrasonic water level sensor, orp probe, cod sensor, ultrasonic transmitter, ph probe, dissolved oxygen sensor, ultrasonic sensor tss sensor do sensor ultrasonic proximity sensor ultrasonic level sensor turbidity sensor ph sensor orp sensor water quality monitor ultrasonic distance sensor dissolved oxygen probe water quality monitoring system water quality sensor carbon dioxide in water.

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