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KUS550 Series Ultrasonic Level / Distance Sensor


KUS550 Series Ultrasonic Sensor

1.   Features

  • High sensitivity.
  • Compact and robust structure.
  • IP68 high protection rating.
  • Corrosion resistant casing, suitable for corrosive medium and application

2.   Dimension

Unit in the diagram is mm.

KUS550 arcitecture.
KUS550 arcitecture.

3.   Electronic interface and signals definition

KUS550 wiring diagram
KUS550 wiring diagram

4.   Parameter

General specifications

Sensing range Default 3500mm (4000mm customizable)
Unusable area 0 … 200 mm
Standard target plate 100 mm x 100 mm
Power supply 3.3 … 30 V DC , ripple 10 %SS
Output 1 Analog 0-10V / 4-20mA output programmable.

1 RS485 output.

Accuracy ≤0.5%-1 %


Ambient conditions


Ambient temperature -25…70℃(248…343K)
Storage temperature -40…85℃(233…358K)

Mechanical specifications


Connection 5-wire cable
Protection degree IP68
Material Housing PVDF (default) / PVC / PTFE

5.   Description of Sensor Functions

Adjusting the analogue output.

The analogue output can be programed as the user want. Such as working at switch output or working at liner output all the parameters can be set by the RS485 interface.

There is 8 types of output functions can be programed.

All the setting routine as follows,

step 1 set one pointed distance by the RS485,

step 2 set another pointed distance by the RS485.

Step3 set the output type liner or switch, and set the related output options

Step4 reboot the sensor.

  1. Window mode normally-open and liner mode positive slope output function.
  2. Window mode normally-closed and liner mode negative slope output function.
  3. Single switching point, normally-open function.
  4. Single switching point, normally-closed function.
  5.  Single switch point with hysteresis gap normally-open function.
  6.  Single switch point with hysteresis gap normally-closed function.
  7.  Detection of object presence-normal open function.
  8.  Detection of object presence-closed open function.

Switching point, Setting distance only after power on. The internal clock can assure can’t be changed after 5 minutes after power on. If want to change the switching point, the user can only setting the request distance after power restart.

For the RS485 output type.

There are 2 kinds of working style,

One for auto measure, the sensor will measure the distance or level repeatedly, and the measurement period can be set by the UART. The measure result can be fetched every time.

The other style is power save mode when the sensor is sleep, until the sensor received the inquiry command with pre-code. Communication protocol is Modus-RTU.

For example the measure result can be read by access the register 0x101 by Modbus protocol.

For more information please contact us for the software engineering guide.




KUS550 Modbus Protocol v2.1

KUS550 series ultrasonic sensor datasheet_v2.1

KUS550L ultra low power consumption series ultrasonic sensor datasheet_V1.2

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