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KWS1000 online oil in water sensor


KWS1000 Online Oil In Water Sensor


Kacise online water sensor uses the principle of fluorescence. Compared with several commonly used methods, the fluorescence method is more efficient and quicker, and can be monitored online in real time. The sensor has better repeatability and stability. Optional with an automatic cleaning brush, it eliminates air bubbles, reduces the effects of contamination on the measurement, makes the maintenance cycle longer, and maintains excellent stability for long-term online use. It can play an early warning role on oil pollution in water.


The oil content in the water body was monitored by ultraviolet fluorescence method, and the oil concentration in the water body was quantitatively analyzed according to the fluorescence intensity of the oil and its aromatic hydrocarbon compound and the conjugated double bond compound absorbing ultraviolet light. The aromatic hydrocarbons in the petroleum form fluorescence under the excitation of ultraviolet light, and the value of the oil in the water is calculated according to the intensity of the fluorescence.


  • Digital sensor, RS-485 output, support MODBUS
  • Optional automatic cleaning brush to eliminate the impact of oil on the measurement
  • Eliminate the impact of ambient light on measurements with unique optical and electronic filtering techniques
  • It is not affected by suspended solids in water

Technical Specifications

Model KWS1000
Measuring Range 0-50ppm or 0-0.40FLU
Principle fluorescence method
Resolution 0.01ppm
Accuracy ±3%F.S
The detection limit According to actual oil sample
Linearity R2>0.999
IP Grade IP68
Max. depth 10m under water
Temperature Range 0~50℃
Output RS485, Modbus
Installation Submersible
Dimension Φ45*175.8mm
Power Supply DC5-12V, current<50mA (when not cleaning)
Cable Length Standard 10m, customizable
Casing Material 316L (titanium alloy customizable)
Self-cleaning Function Optional


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