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KWS3000 Online Residual Chlorine sensor


KWS3000 Online Residual Chlorine sensor


It is used for continuous monitoring of residual chlorine content in aqueous solution in drinking water treatment plants, canning plants, drinking water distribution networks, swimming pools, cooling circulating water, water quality treatment engineering and so on.

Technical Specifications

Model KWS3000
Measuring Principle Constant voltage method
Range Ability 0~2.000mg/L(HClO)
Resolution Ratio 0.001mg/L
Precision ±5% or ±0.05mg/L
Calibration Function Two-point calibration (zero and slope)
Working Pressure <0.1MPa
Ph Range Of The Medium 4~9 pH
Temp. Compensation Automatic temperature compensation (Pt100)
Signal Output RS-485 bus, Modbus/RTU protocol
Material Polyformaldehyde resin, polytetrafluoroethylene, gold, silver, conductive rubber
Working Temperature 5~50℃
Installation Mode Circulation pool installation
Size 30×233mm
Velocity Of Flow 30~60L/h
Response Time <30S
Source 12~24VDC±10%
IP Rating IP68
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