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KWS500 ORP Sensor


KWS500 ORP Sensor


Kacise applies 4-electrode couple measure tech sensor to make the sensor has better repeatability and stability, not susceptible to ambient. The sensor’s automatic cleaning brush effectively eliminates air bubbles and reduces the effects of contamination on the measurement. Long-term online use, longer maintenance intervals and better stability.


  • Digital sensor, RS-485 output, support MODBUS
  • Strong anti-interference ability, no ambient light and chromaticity
  • Multi electrode couple measure technology repeat-ability.

Technical Specifications

ItemParameter Description
Deepest working under water10m
Protection GradeIP68
Storage Temperature Range0-60℃
Working Temperature Range0 ~ 50℃
OutputSupport RS-485, MODBUS protocol
Power SupplyDC 5~12V, current <50mA
Installationsubmersible type
Probe Cable Length10 m default , 5 m, 15 m and 30 m cable customizable


KWS500 Oxidation Reduction Potentia architecture diagram
KWS500 Oxidation Reduction Potentia architecture diagram
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