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KWS5000 Water Dissolved CO2 Sensor


KWS5000 Water Dissolved CO2 Sensor


The KWS5000 is a gas detection module for detecting the concentration of carbon dioxide in an aqueous solution. Patented optical cavity, imported light source and dual channel detector for spatial double reference compensation. KWS5000 has good selectivity, anaerobic dependence and long life. It also has UART, IIC digital output, analog voltage output and PWM frequency output mode, which is convenient for customers to choose applications. The KWS5000 provides customers with zero calibration, sensitivity calibration and clean air calibration commands, and provides customers with manually calibrated MCDL pins. The customer can conveniently use the external free-flowing clean air to perform a relative zero calibration of the sensor module. The KWS5000 uses a convection-diffusion venting method and a protective cover to accelerate the gas convection diffusion rate and protect the gas permeable membrane. Removable construction for easy cleaning of the sensor housing. The KWS5000’s unique waterproof construction is removable for easy maintenance and cleaning. KWS5000 can be used to measure the concentration of dissolved CO2 gas in water. It can also be used for HVAC and indoor air quality monitoring, agricultural and livestock production process monitoring, and agricultural product storage status monitoring. It can be installed in home networks, ventilation systems and controllers. Wall-mounted, robotic and automotive applications can also be applied to other equipment to control air quality or hypoxia monitoring.

Technical Specifications

Item Parameter
Principle Ultraviolet fluorescence method
Measuring range 2000ppm/5000ppm/10000ppm
Response time 10 sec
Accuracy ±20ppm/±50ppm/±300ppm
Protection level IP68
Deepest depth Underwater 10 meters
Temperature range 0 ~ 80°C
Output Support RS-485, MODBUS protocol/ 4-20mA Vout,

ttl uart , RS485  IIC multi signal interface.

Power supply DC 5V for IIC out put and 12Vdc for RS485 or V output type  24V for 4-20mA out put
Size Φ27*104.8mm
Probe cable length 10 m, customizable 5 m, 15 m and 30 m cable
Fluorescent cap life 1 year
Maximum working pressure 1.5bar
product material POM

Note: the ttl uart is 3.3V and 5V compatible.


Signal interface definition

There is 3 kinds of signal output like below:

    Signal definition
SN Wire color  UART+IIC interface UART+485 interface UART+4-20mA interface
1 Red 5VDC 12V 12V
3 Green Uart_RXD Uart_RXD Uart_RXD
4 Yellow Uart_TXD Uart_TXD Uart_TXD
5 White IIC_SDA RS485A 4-20mA(0.4-2V) output
6 Brown IIC_SCL RS485B Reserved


Order information

Tpye Measure range Signal Protocol Cable length Description
KWS5000     Product type
  2000 0-2000ppm accuracy±20ppm (default)
5000 0-5000ppm accuracy±50ppm
10000 0-10000ppm accuracy ±300ppm
XXXX customize range
485 RS485 interface
IIC IIC interface
Iout 4-20mA current
Vout 0-5V Vout put
PWM PWM output
RTU (default) Modbus RTU Protocol
ACSII Modbus ASCII Protocol
self defined customized protocol
0.5m (default) customized
KWS5000 2000 485 RTU 0.5  



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