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KWS800 Online Multi-Parameter Water Quality Monitoring System


KWS800 Online Multi-Parameter Water Quality Sensor

Water quality sensor monitoring system Introduction

The Kacise KWS800 series of multi-parameter water quality sensors (seven optional parameters) are designed in an all-in-one configuration. Each sensor has a waterproof connector. Calibration data is stored in the sensor for field calibration and replacement. Up to 6 Kacise digital sensors can be connected at the same time, with optional fluori-dissolved oxygen, four-electrode conductivity, fiber turbidity, digital pH, digital ORP, chlorophyll and oil in water sensors. Equipped with an automatic cleaning device to eliminate air bubbles and prevent microbial growth, it can easily meet the needs of various water environment monitoring such as rivers, lakes, oceans and groundwater. Extremely reliable, it can run for months without maintenance in an unattended environment.

Water quality sensor monitoring system Feature

  • Digital sensor, RS485 output, support MODBUS
  • All calibration parameters are stored in the sensor, each with a waterproof connector for easy insertion and removal.
  • Equipped with automatic cleaning device, it can effectively remove the surface contamination of the sensor, prevent the growth of microorganisms, more accurate and lower maintenance.
  • Optional fluorimetry dissolved oxygen, four-electrode conductivity, fiber turbidity, digital pH, digital ORP, chlorophyll, water oil and ammonia nitrogen
  • Sensor for long-term online monitoring.
  • All-in-one structure design, can connect six probes at the same time and measure seven parameters.

Water quality sensor monitoring system Technical Specifications

Fluorescent dissolved

oxygen probe

Range 0-20mg/L
Accuracy ±0.3mg/L
Resolution 0.01mg/L
Fiber turbidity probe Range 0-1000 NTU
Accuracy <5% or 0.3NTU
Resolution 0.1NTU
Four-electrode conductivity probe Range 1us/cm-200ms/cm 1us/cm-100ms/cm
Accuracy 1% FS
Resolution 0-1000uS/cm; 0.1uS/cm; 1mS/cm-100mS/cm
Chlorophyll sensor Range 0~400ug/L or 0~100RF
Accuracy 0.1 µg/L
Resolution 0.1 µg/L or 0.1% RFU
Digital pH probe Range 0-14pH
Accuracy ±0.1pH
Resolution 0.01
Digital ORP probe Range -999~999mV
Accuracy ±20mV
Resolution 1mV
Oil-in-water sensor probe Range 0-500ppb or 0-5000ppb
Accuracy 5%
Resolution 0.1ppb
Multi-parameter sensor

other information

Power supply 12V ±5%
operating temperature 0~50℃
Self-clean brush optional
Current 100mA
Output RS485
Cable length Standard 10m, customizable 5m, 15m and 30m
IP Grade IP68


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