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KWS900 Fiber Optic turbidity sensor


KWS900 Fiber Optic turbidity sensor


Kacise applies fiber technology to the turbidity sensor to make the sensor has better repeatability and stability, not susceptible to ambient light coordination. The sensor’s automatic cleaning brush effectively eliminates air bubbles and reduces the effects of contamination on the measurement. Long-term online use, longer maintenance intervals and better stability.


  • Digital sensor, RS-485 output, support MODBUS
  • With automatic cleaning brush, prevent pollution, eliminate air bubbles
  • Strong anti-interference ability, no ambient light and chromaticity
  • 90° scattered light principle, better fiber technology repeat-ability.

Technical Specifications

Item Fiber turbidity sensor Self-cleaning turbidity sensor

KWS900A water Turbidity sensor
KWS900 water Turbidity sensor
Model KWS-900A KWS-900B
Principle 90° scattered light
Measuring Range 0-1000NTU
Resolution 0.1NTU
Accuracy <5% or 0.3NTU(which is bigger)
Protection Rate IP68
Deepest Depth Underwater 60 meters Underwater 10 meters
Temperature Range 0 ~ 50℃
Output Support RS-485, MODBUS protocol
Power Supply DC 5~12V, current <50mA DC 5~12V, current <50mA (when not clean)
Installation Input type Input type
Size Φ22mm*120mm Φ33mm*156mm
Probe Cable Length 10 m, 5 m, 15 m and 30 m cable customizable
Self-Cleaning System No Yes
Optical Window optical fiber
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