ISO9001:2015 quality certified


Kydro PH meter








Power supply:LR44 2cells

Operation Temperature range:0℃–60℃

Calibration:One-point or Two Point.

Automatic Calibration available

Dimension: 155mmX31mmX18mm

Net weight 55g(1.07oz)



1, Remove the protective cap and then turn on the meter by press the button ON/OFF

2, Immerse the PH meter electrode in the solution to be tested. (auction: the liquid cannot be over the immersion line) and then stir gently to wait about 30 seconds till the reading stabilized.

3, Clean the electrode with pure or distilled water, dry it with tissue. Turn off the meter by pressing “ON/OFF” button after testing,

4: Take on the protective cap.

Note: please calibrate the meter before use each time in case to get the accurate result.



  1. One-point calibration (only 6.86 point calibration, the accuracy is ±0.1PH)
    1. Dissolve the 6.86 buffer powder in 250ml of distilled water.
    2. Turn the meter on by pressing the “ON/OFF” button, and immerse electrode into the PH6.86 solution, gently stir and wait for 5 minutes.
    3. Press the “Cal” button to see the display number until the number is 5 and release the button then. To find 6.86 calibration point display will start flashing 6.86 and wait until the display stops flashing. Then the one-point calibration finished.
  2. Two-point calibration ( the 4.00 and 9.18 point calibration, the accuracy is :±002PH)
    1. 00 point calibration:Dissolve 4.00 buffer powder in 250ml if distilled water, immerse the electrode into PH 4.00 solution Press “CAL” button to see displaying number is 5 and then release, display start to flash 6.86, then press and release immediately second time, reading will start to flash 4.00, and wait until display stops flashing.
    2. 18 point calibration: Dissolve 9.18 buffer powder in 250ml of distilled water, immerse the electrode into PH 9.18 solution, Press “CAL” button to see displaying number going to 5 then release, Display will start flashing 6.86,then press and release immediately third time, reading will start to flash 9.18 and wit until display stops flashing.


There will be ERR showed up on the screen, if the meter was calibrated wrongly or in the air:


  1. the battery will be replaced if the display value is fuzzy or blank when the meter is turned on.
  2. The meter is warranted by Kacise 12 month, the purchase invoice or proof should be supplied before returning the meter back.
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