ISO9001:2015 quality certified


KydroPro 100 Handheld Multiparameter Water Quality Analyzer


KydroPro Sensor Specifications

Optical dissolved oxygen Sensor Range 0-20mg/L or 0-200% air Sat.
Accuracy 0- 200%:±1%
Resolution 0.01mg/L
Calibration method One or Two point
Turbidity Sensor Range 0.1-1000NTU
Accuracy ±5% or ±0.3NTU
Resolution 0.1 NTU
Calibration method Zero, One or Two point
4-electronic conductivity Sensor Range 1uS/cm~100mS/cm or 0~5mS/cm
Accuracy ±1%
Resolution 1uS/cm~100mS/cm: 0.01mS/cm

0~5mS/cm: 0.01uS/cm

Calibration method One or Two point
pH Sensor Range pH: 0~14
Accuracy ±0.1
Resolution 0.01
Calibration method Three point
Salinity Sensor Range 0~80ppt
Accuracy ±1ppt
Resolution 0.01 ppt
Calibration method One or Two point
Algae sensor Range 0~270,000 cells/ml
Lower distinguish threshold 300cells
Resolution 1 cells/ml
Chlorophyll sensor Range 0-500ug/L or 0-100RFU
Resolution 0.1ug/L
Temperature Range 0~50℃
Accuracy ±0.2℃
Resolution 0.01℃
Other specifications Housing IP Rating IP68
Size Φ22×166mm
Other specifications Communication protocol RS-485, MODBUS
Power Requirements DC 5~12V,current<50mA
Size 220 x 96 x 44mm
Weight 460g
Power Two 18650 rechargeable batteries
Storage temperature -40~85℃
Display 54.38 x 54.38LCD back illuminated
Data storage Support
Pressure compensation range Built-in,auto compensation in 50~115kPa
IP rating IP67
Regular Shutoff Support
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