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Online Sulfides Analyzer KSU600

SECTION 1     Online Sulfides Analyzer


Technical Specification for Sulfides Analyzer


Model KSU600
Monitoring Factor Sulfides
Method P-aminodimethylaniline, Spectrophotometer
Range (0.05-40) mg/L expandable
Display unit 12232 dot matrix display, 7-inch LCD touch screen dual display
Measurement Mode Manual  measurement,     continuous    measurement,       periodic

measurement, fixed-point measurement, automatic calibration measurement, standard solution verification

Measurement Period 30 minutes to 24 hours, with adjustable expansion
Zero Drift ± 5% F. S
Range Drift ± 5% F. S
Repeatability ≤5%
Accuracy ± 5%
MBTF > 720 hours
Stored data Five years of data storage
Communication interface 4-20mA, RS232, RS485, dry contact
Contour Dimension 505 * 395 * 671(mm)



Principle and Application of Sulfide Analyzer

Water sulfides include soluble hydrogen sulfide, acid-soluble metal sulfides, insoluble sulfides and organic sulfides. The sulfides commonly measured refer to both soluble and acid-soluble sulfides. As long as the water contains 0.000 mg/L hydrogen sulfide, it will cause unpleasant smell; hydrogen sulfide is also very toxic, can harm cytochrome, oxidase, cause tissue hypoxia, and even endanger life; in addition, hydrogen sulfide can oxidize to sulfuric acid under the action of bacteria, which corrodes metal equipment and pipelines. Therefore, sulfide is an important index of water pollution.

How it works: sulfur ions react with P amino xylene amine in an acidic solution containing high iron to form Methylene blue, whose blue depth is proportional to the concentration of sulfur ions in a range of concentrations, the content of sulfide in water sample can be calculated.

It is suitable for laboratory Analyzer or industrial production process water, sewage, urban domestic sewage, river, lake, sea and other surface water testing.



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