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Online Total Copper Analyzer KTC600

Technical Specification of Total Copper Analyzer



Model KTC600
Monitoring Parameter TCU
Method Neocuproin-Hydrochlorid Monohydrat(2, 9-dimethyl-1, 10-phenylene)spectrophotometric method
Range (0-1) mg/L extensibility
Display unit 12232 dot matrix display, 7-inch LCD touch screen dual display
Measurement mode Manual  measurement,     continuous    measurement,       periodic measurement, fixed-point measurement, automatic calibration

measurement, standard solution verification

Measurement period 30 minutes to 24 hours, with adjustable expansion
Zero Drift ± 5% F.S
Range Drift ± 5% F.S
Repeatability ≤5%
Accuracy ± 5%
MBTF > 720 hours
Stored data Five years of data storage
Communication interface 4-20mA, RS232, RS485, dry contact
Contour Dimension 505 * 395 * 671(mm)



Principle and Application of Total Copper Analyzer


Copper is an important metal that is widely used in many fields, such as alloys, dyes, pipes, wires, etc. Copper salts can inhibit the growth of plankton or algae in drinking water, a concentration of copper above 1MG/L produces a bitter taste. Therefore, China has put copper regulation as one of the indicators of total quantity control.

Principle: under the condition of high temperature, the water sample reacts with

the digestion solution to form copper ion, and the copper ion is reduced to cuprous ion by reducing agent. Under the neutral condition, cuprous ion reacts with chromogenic agent to form yellow complex, and the absorbance of the complex is measured, the total copper content in the water sample was obtained.

The main application scenarios are the monitoring of enterprise rainwater and sewage, the monitoring of total copper content in municipal pipe network, pumping station, groundwater, river water, lake water and sea water.



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