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Online Total Tin Analyzer KTT600

SECTION 1     Online Total Tin Analyzer


Technical Specification of Total Tin Instrument




Model KTT600
Monitoring Factor Total tin
Measuring principle Photoelectric colorimetry;
Range 0-5.0 mg/L;0-5.0 mg/l;
Measurement Type Automatic timing, manual, continuous;
Measurement Interval Can be set arbitrarily;
Measuring time About 30 minutes;
Measuring accuracy 10%;
Detection Limit 0.1 mg/l;
Reproducibility 5%;


Signal Output Standard 4 — 20ma analog output, maximum load 400 ohms

or 0 — 5v, other RS485 or RS232 optional;

Ambient Temperature 5 — 40 °C;
Power supply 220VAC;
Dimensions 530 mm x 397 mm x 680 mm.


Principle and Application of Total Tin Analyzer

After the sample is filtered and injected into the reactor, a masking agent is first injected to remove the interfering substance, then the pH value of the solution is adjusted to give the solution an appropriate pH value, and then a specific color developing agent is added to react with the total tin for color reaction, the absorbance of the reactants was measured, and the concentration of total tin in the sample was calculated by the absorbance value and the correction factor stored in the monitor.

It is suitable for laboratory Analyzer or industrial production process water, sewage, urban domestic sewage, river, lake, sea and other surface water testing.



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